Stiff Rope – Promo

This is a very effective bit of Magic – with shades of the legendary Indian Rope trick. The magician displays a piece of rope about 36″ long. The Rope is coiled over the magician’s hand to prove it is just an ordinary rope. The magician now stretches the rope between his two hands, horizontally, and … Read more

Buddha Papers Mystery – (FT)

Buddha paper Mystery

Coins, Keys, Bills, Paper Slips, Tokens, and similar small items can be produced or vanished from a packet of folded papers, or items placed in the packet of folded papers can be changed to other items. Complete with required apparatus, attractively packaged with colored instructions, and several ideas for use. This is suitable for beginners … Read more

Tree of Diamonds (FT)

Another novel card trick you can carry around in your pocket and entertain your friends with, anywhere and at any given moment. You show 3 cards which are fanned to display two black picture cards, with a red spot card, The Three of Diamonds between them.  The cards are turned face down, and a spectator … Read more