Magic with an ESP Deck by Sam Dalal

This soft cover, large size 22 pages, illustrated book is the third revised and enlarged edition of the book originally published over two decades ago. Sam Dalal has explained 14 astounding routines that are mostly of a self working nature. No intricate sleights or moves are required to perform these effects. There are suggestions for … Read more

Sam’s Scrapbook – Volume 1

This “Scrapbook” is a small, haphazard collection of some of my contributions to the Art of Magic, over the past 50 years. Since the late 1960’s I have contributed hundreds of my ideas to over a dozen national and international magic magazines, run a Magician’s service producing over 2000 magic items, (some hundreds of which … Read more

Sam’s Scrapbook – Vol 2

Over 50 years, I have run a Magician’s service, producing and supplying several hundreds of thousands of pieces of over 2500 varieties of props to magic dealers and magicians worldwide, with retail sale value exceeding a million dollars a year over several years, so I figure we have been doing something right ! Many were … Read more

Sam’s Scrapbook – Volume 3

This is my third Scrapbook composed in this month (March 2023). Even though when I mull over my commercial effects and magazine contributions from the decades gone by, the volume of material seems ample for a few more. But everything I wrote or created is not worth recording or re-publishing in this collection.I found two … Read more

Sam’s Scrapbook – Volume 4

When I compiled volume 3 of these “Scrapbooks” I had mentioned it would be the last, unless I found some of my material in Abra and other periodicals I had no access to, along with a few of my earlier contribution and creations. Just two days after publication of Volume 3, I received an email … Read more

Swami & Mantra – Combined offer

You can now get both the above magazines as a bundled offer, at a special savings. Please note these are not a clumsily scanned facsimile of the Kaufman edition, illegal and unauthorized copies of which are being sold on the internet. This is a fully searchable and authorized PDF version of the books, created by … Read more