Clear Coin Vanish

Clear Coin Vanish

A coin, trapped between clear pieces of plastic, secured with rubber bands, disappears without a trace. A convincing and clean vanish that requires very little effort. The banded plates containing the coin are wrapped in a handkerchief and given to a spectator to hold. The coin vanishes and can reappear inside a knot tied in … Read more

Auto Change Mirror Tube

Auto Change Mirror Tube

This is the classic Conradi Tube with a mirror partition for the vanish of silks, (as described 150+ years ago by Professor Hoffman in his Later Magic). In this model, we have fitted this on a mechanical pedestal that gives the required half turn at the pull of a lever. Originally designed to multiply or … Read more

Spirit Nut – Jumbo

The performer shows a solid brass nut, which can be threaded on to a lace, ribbon, or even a pencil. Yet the nut can be made to penetrate off the ribbon or pencil in an instant.This is a very fine piece of mechanical magic, and we guarantee you will be delighted with the clever working … Read more

Quad Forecast

This is a clever Quadruple prediction effect, working on a similar one “behind principle” to the Mental Epic Slate. The performer has a wooden stand on his table, holding up a clear glass sheet, attached to which are four miniature bulldog clips numbered 1 to 4. The performer writes a prediction and fixes it under … Read more

Repeat Square Puzzle

This is a novel puzzle.  You hand over four cut out pieces to a spectator to form into a perfect square. This is relatively easy, and the spectator will form the square with a few attempts. As an after thought you hand him another piece, – a small square. Now ask him to form a … Read more

Rajah’s Necklace

Effect : On a beautiful display stand is a pearl necklace, – the ancient Rajah’s family heirloom. One day the necklace is stolen. (The necklace is removed from the stand, and placed into a jewel bag with a net front, so it is clearly visible). But like many of these ancient heirlooms, this necklace had … Read more