Promotional and Gift Items

We regularly receive queries for cheap Puzzles and easy Magic Tricks which we can supply in bulk for advertising purposes, or as gifts and give-aways, or for performers to sell after their shows. Substantial discounts are available for bulk purchase of these items in quantities of 100 or more. Postage or freight is extra at … Read more

Computer Design Cards

This is a completely self working item, which you can perform, without even knowing how or why it works. The performer displays a “chart” with over a dozen different pictures or designs on it. A spectator mentally thinks of any design.  There are no forces, and the item can be repeated with a different design … Read more

Two Card Monte

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FUN WAY TO ENTERTAIN OTHERS? Look no further than the Two Card Monte trick! Two playing cards are shown. A card selected by the audience is placed behind your back. It mysteriously changes place with a card in plain sight of the audience. Or show your spectator two playing cards. … Read more

Grandma’s Necklace

This is a very old pocket trick. Tthe magician takes out a necklace from his pocket. It has three beads with two cords running through them. The magician takes one of the cords from either side and ties a single knot. It is then covered with a borrowed hanky except for the four ends of … Read more

Over And Under Puzzle

A most intriguing optical illusion. Two different colored pieces shaped like boomerangs are shown. The upper boomerang is obviously shorter than the one below. Then the smaller one is stretched and shown to be longer. Finally, both are shown to be exactly the same. Made from board and beautifully laminated We regularly receive queries for … Read more

Headless Lady Illusion

This illusion works on an ingenious geometric vanish, based on the Curry Paradox. It always works, but can you figure out how ? You have a picture of a dancing girl printed in Black & White on one side of the board, and an identical picture in the same size, printed in colour on the … Read more