Mismade Prediction Tear

The Magician places a folded “prediction” paper on the table. A spectator selects a card from a deck of cards. The magician opens his prediction. It is the four of diamonds. He asks the spectator to check his card. It is five of diamonds. The magician turns his prediction sheet to reveal the 5th diamond … Read more

Uday’s Novel Book Test

We have seen many book tests, and can honestly say this is one of the most comprehensive Book Tests we have ever come across, with immense effort and expense spent in its initial preparation, thus leaving you to do little more than present it in a convincing manner. The basic effect of any book test … Read more

Adair’s Tell-Tale lady

This routine is developed from At Her Majesty’s Command by IAN ADAIR. The original effect had Her Majesty the Queen “command” the card a spectator would choose. However as her Majesty under reference is no more with us, and to give the effect a more generic flavor, we have modified the original presentation (with Ian’s … Read more

Combination Padlock Mystery

We supply you what appears to be a regular Reset able Combination Padlock, which is normally opened by setting the four digits on the lock. However the lock supplied has been cleverly gimmicked, so that it can be made to open using the four digits apparently selected at random by a spectator. It can be … Read more


The performer displays a set of 8 cards picturing 8 different animals on them. A spectator is instructed to shuffle the cards, then merely think of one of the animals. The cards are mixed ny the spectator, and spread face down on the table. The performer now randomly taps the cards, as the spectator mentally … Read more

Bagshawe’s Mind Reading Genii

The magician displays a packet of cards with pictures of a Genii, ready and waiting for your command. A spectator signs one of these cards on the face, and back, so the card cannot be switched. The card is left in full view, face away from spectators. The spectator then selects a card, design, number, … Read more