Sparkling Fire Gimmicks (Pair)

These are Gimmicks designed to add a dramatic flash to your magic routines. The next time you cut and restore a rope, or fuse torn pieces of paper into the complete piece, or cause the torn corner of a card to weld to the original card, you can have this happen with a dramatic flash … Read more

Torch to Bouquet

The magician walks on stage holding a burning torch. He covers it with a tube and magically the torch vanishes and a beautiful bouquet appears in his hand. The Transformation is safe and automatic. Made with long lasting cock feathers for added durability. As with any fire effect, this requires care in use, and is … Read more

Fire Can

Fire Can

In effect, the magician shows a can with a lid. The lid is removed, a lit match is dropped into the can and flames shoot out. Obviously can is full of some volatile substance. The can is covered, putting out the fire, and when the cover is removed, a large quantity of water is poured … Read more

Fire From Palms – Gimmicks

You are supplied with two special gimmicks, one for each hand. With the help of these, you produce fire from your palms. Transfer the flame from one hand to the other, or magically extinguish it, and produce it as often as you wish. This is a fire effect, that requires handling care. Not recommended for … Read more

Flames at Finger Tips

Flames at Finger Tips

Tricks with fire have an unusual appeal of their own.  A magician who produces fire from his bare hands, somehow seems more dramatic and spectacular than one producing a Ball or Silk because of the dangerous nature. One of the several fire tricks which can be used as a novel touch in your act is … Read more

Flaming Torch To Cane


This is a quick and impressive opening effect. The Magician enters with a large flaming torch, and transforms it instantaneously into a solid Cane. The apparatus supplied is a correctly made aluminum Torch, with a cotton filled tank on top. Provision is there to attach this to the Ferrule of any standard Steel Appearing Cane.