Sponge Balls to Dice

Sponge Balls to Dice is a fantastic close up magic trick. This large 4″ version is ideal for a small audience and can even be viewed from a distance or stage. The magician shows 2 round sponge balls one white and one black. He puts them in together and with a few magic words they … Read more

Travelling Holes

We are delighted to have acquired limited stock of one of the most amazing effects that can be performed with a playing card. A stunning display of visual magic that will leave your spectators simply astounded. The Magician displays a Card with four holes in the corners. (or he could simulate the punching the holes … Read more

Adair’s Perplexing Pens

Ian Adair’s latest close-up Effect: Just imagine tossing two crystal clear ball-point pens onto the table for spectators to examine – one is a red pen, complete with red cap and red end-piece, the other blue, with blue cap and blue end-piece. Spectators can clearly see through the clear transparent shaft of the pens so … Read more

Cig Cutta – Brass

This is one of the finest precision close up effects crafted in solid brass. In effect performer displays a solid brass tube large enough to hold a cigarette. The tube has a metal collar with a slit in the middle. A cigarette is placed in the tube, and a blade run in the metal collar, … Read more

Svengali Pad

The Svengali Pad is an invaluable accessory for Mental magic, like the Thumb-tip is for general magic. It gets its name from Burling Hulls’s famous Svengali Deck, working on a similar principle, and is a utility prop for Predictions and Mind-reading effects that can be used to force words, numbers, designs, colors, playing cards, or … Read more