Tricky Turvy Bottles

Tricky Turvy Bottles Image

A very funny Do as I do-routine with 2 bottles and 2 tubes and an assisting spectator. The spectator follows every move you do but at the end his bottle is always upside down! The bottle is placed inside the tube and the tube is held between the hands and turned over a couple of … Read more

Hopping Horns – Uday Jadugar

Delight kids and audiences of all ages with this captivating magic trick! The magician places four bicycle horns of different colors on the table. The audience is asked to choose a color. Amazingly, the chosen horn will either be the only one to hoot or the only one that stays silent—your choice! Want to switch … Read more

Pea Can – Aluminum

Pea Can

Effect :- The performer displays a small can with a cork, and a few different beans or peas. A selected Pea is placed in the can, which is corked. Performer claims he will attempt to make the Pea “change color”. The Cork is removed, and the contents of the can tipped into the spectator’s hand. … Read more

Adair’s Sniffy

A very novel discovery of a selected card (No Force) by Ian Adair, that can prove a “hit” with the fairer sex ! Here is the effect in Ian’s own words … Effect : I remove a deck from its case and fan it front and back. A spectator selects a card (any card) which … Read more

Clatter Box – Wood

A coloured silk is removed from a decorated box held by a spectator. The Magician vanishes the silk, and claims the silk will magically re-appear in the box. When the spectator attempts to open the box, it falls to pieces, with the silk attached to top of box dangling in spectator’s hand. Will draw a … Read more

Break Away Fan – Economy (Plastic)

This classic prop can be used to obtain many comedy effects and gives the performer an item to use in an audience participation act. The performer produces a fan and proceeds to fan some item, explaining that it must be fanned in order to operate properly. He then hands the fan to the “victim” selected … Read more