Cups & Balls – Small – Stainless Steel (2.55″ D x 3.1″H)

Back in stock after many years these Stainless steel cups are made from heavy guage steel and each cups weighs approximately 110gms .

The Cups and Balls are possibly the oldest surviving Magic effect, having been used by magicians over the centuries. Balls magically appear and vanish from under three cups, jump from under one cup to the other, change colors, or transform to onions, fruit, or even baby chicks. It is an effect you can perform for a life time, and still discover a new twist or move to add to your routine.

We make several models of this item, in various sizes, in aluminum, brass, and copper. We have now added a set in Stainless Steel.

This outfit has 3 cups, 4 hand crocheted balls, and an illustrated tutor to teach you the basics of this classic item. It is a small set, 2 55″ Diameter and 3 .1″ high, spun from Stainless Steel, and polished in a gleaming silver finish. These Cups have a double rim for added optical effect, (appears as a smaller visible gap between the nested cups !) and a concave top to prevent the balls or other load from rolling off. The Stainless Steel will outlast plated cups, is more durable than aluminum, and though small in size, will accommodate a big “climax” load. If you are looking for a handy set of this classic prop, easy to carry around, but visible enough for a sizable audience, and a set to give you a lifetime of service at a very affordable price, this is it !