Rajah’s Necklace

Rajah-NklcEffect : On a beautiful display stand is a pearl necklace, – the ancient Rajah’s family heirloom.
One day the necklace is stolen. (The necklace is removed from the stand, and placed into a jewel bag with a net front, so it is clearly visible). But like many of these ancient heirlooms, this necklace had mystic powers, and would always return to its rightful owner. (In a flash the necklace vanishes from the bag, and reappears on the display stand).
These are the bare bones of the effect. Any children’s entertainer will know how to embellish this into a feature routine with an engrossing story.
We supply you :-  The special mechanical stand for the display and visible reproduction of the necklace, a small net fronted bag, responsible for the vanish, the imitation pearl necklace(s) and full working instructions.