Mysterious Jack

A new and novel packet Card effect. The Magician shows three cards, two of which are Ten of Clubs and Ten of spades and the third is the Jack of Hearts. Magician causes the Jack of Hearts to turn face up and face down magically under the simple action of counting the cards from one … Read more

Mismade Prediction Tear

The Magician places a folded “prediction” paper on the table. A spectator selects a card from a deck of cards. The magician opens his prediction. It is the four of diamonds. He asks the spectator to check his card. It is five of diamonds. The magician turns his prediction sheet to reveal the 5th diamond … Read more

Twist the Aces Plus

The original Twist effect is credited to George Blake. We added to this the extension of a color transposition. Original “The Twist” routine by George Blake The performer shows four cards (Aces) face up. He turns the packet face down and gives it a magic “twist”. One of the cards turns face up. This is … Read more

Adair’s Tell-Tale lady

This routine is developed from At Her Majesty’s Command by IAN ADAIR. The original effect had Her Majesty the Queen “command” the card a spectator would choose. However as her Majesty under reference is no more with us, and to give the effect a more generic flavor, we have modified the original presentation (with Ian’s … Read more

Travelling Holes

We are delighted to have acquired limited stock of one of the most amazing effects that can be performed with a playing card. A stunning display of visual magic that will leave your spectators simply astounded. The Magician displays a Card with four holes in the corners. (or he could simulate the punching the holes … Read more

Aces Trumps – Jumbo

Performer displays five Jumbo cards in a fan. They are the Ace, Two, Three, Four and Five of Hearts.  He takes the Ace of Hearts from the fan, reverses it with back facing the spectators and places it in front of the fan of cards. He takes the Five of Hearts and discards it on … Read more