Flowers from Wand in Pot – New

Flower from Wand - New Model

A small, easy to carry (you could carry this in your pocket) visual effect, that makes a big impact. Performer displays a small, empty Flower Pot.  He taps this with his Magic Wand, and instantly a small spray of flowers appears in the Pot. We supply you the small Flower Pot, Wand and Flower Spray. … Read more

See through Blindfold

see through blindfold

This is a mechanical See Through Blindfold, which gives you direct vision through the blindfold. It is useful for publicity stunts like riding a cycle or driving a car blindfolded.  It is not recommended for a performance of X-Ray Eyes in a Magic Show, where the use of ordinary everyday objects (like coins, plaster, and … Read more

Egg Bag – Regular

Effect :- A solid egg is shown and is inserted into the bag. The egg can be made to vanish and re-appear at will, even though the bag is turned inside out, and shown empty.  A true classic item, and one of the favorites, that has survived over many many decades. A magic prop that … Read more

Chop Cup Combo Outfit – Aluminum

Chop Cup Combo Aluminum

The Chop Cup Combo outfit is a set of  three seamless spun aluminum cups for the close-up magician.  The Chop Cup allows you to perform many Cups and Balls type routines, using a single cup, where balls magically penetrate, appear under, or vanish from a cup. It has a mechanical feature, which in combination with … Read more

Comedy Funnel (Spun Aluminum) – PC

A classic comedy prop, where water can be made to flow out at will from an empty funnel. It has been a favorite with kid show entertainers for decades.  We now bring you this spun aluminum model (POWDER COATED) at a very economical price compared to other metal models. As the funnel is used with … Read more