Magic with an ESP Deck by Sam Dalal

This soft cover, large size 22 pages, illustrated book is the third revised and enlarged edition of the book originally published over two decades ago. Sam Dalal has explained 14 astounding routines that are mostly of a self working nature. No intricate sleights or moves are required to perform these effects. There are suggestions for … Read more

World’s Best Clown Gags – Book

Soft cover book 5 1/2″ x 8″, with 64 pages and dozens of illustrations. This book contains over 200 gags, comedy bits, and stunts for magicians, Clowns, MC’s or any one with a sense of humor, and is excellent value for money.  Limited stock, FOR SALE IN INDIA ONLY, at a special low price. (INR … Read more

X – Ray Eyes – Sam Dalal

This book deals with methods and presentations for blindfolds, or ‘sightless vision’. Amongst the most sensational of magical effects is the ”X-Ray Eyes”, or the ability of the performer to do things blindfolded, which would normally require the use of his full vision. There are very few effects that involve mass participation and fetch so … Read more

Magic By Misdirection – Sam Dalal

This is the second book in the series, written by Sam Dalal for A Beginners Course on Magic. The tricks, effects and ideas in this volume require more from you as the performer than the basic secret of the trick or the props. Therefore, this book puts less emphasis on apparatus magic and more on … Read more

Magic With Ease – Sam Dalal

Sam Dalal wrote a course in magic for beginners in three volumes. The books had been written with the sole aim that anyone wanting to gain proficiency in the subject might get it without much difficulty; plus making the neophyte a good magician. All three books in this series are uniform pocket book size (5″ … Read more

Designed To Deceive – Ananta Deb Banerjee

A soft cover, A-5 size 24 pages book, clearly illustrated with over 3 dozen line drawings. The author of the book worked in a laboratory for long and developed a knack for making and performing apparatus magic. This book contains eight of his creations – all highly commercial, offbeat apparatus magic. In ‘Spirit in the … Read more