Two To One Rope

The magician shows a rope and cuts it into two separate pieces, right before your very eyes. But wait, that’s not all! With a flick of the wrist, the two pieces of rope magically join back together into one seamless, unbroken rope. What’s even more incredible is that this trick can be performed right in … Read more

Stiff Rope – Super

A new, improved and very flexible version of the classic Stiff Rope. This version of the stiff rope can be coiled around your palm to look like an ordinary rope. You can ever tie a loose knot with it. This is a very effective bit of Magic – with shades of the legendary Indian Rope trick. … Read more

Color Changing Rope to Many Ropes

This is very different type of Colour Changing Rope effect. The performer displays a piece of white rope, and offers to change it to any colour selected by the audience. The audience is asked to call out their favourite colour. We will presume the majority of them call out red . The magician passes his … Read more

Rope With Four Ends

rope with four ends

The magician displays two pieces of Rope. When he stretches his hands, the two pieces magically blend into one long piece. Then the rope is shown to have 3 ends … then four ends. Finally a knot is tied in the middle of the rope, and it is tossed up. The knots have multiplied to … Read more

Super Rope Gimmicks

rope gimmicks

We supply two Tarbell type gimmicks (1 set) consisting of two turned brass parts which are firmly attached together with a screw type fitting. Twist the two ends to separate the two parts. They fit into normal magicians’ rope. (Soft core Rope, with a sleeving outside.) The Tarbell Screw-In type Rope Gimmicks are one of … Read more