Crystal Clear Tube It

Ian Adair originated Tube-It in the 1960’s, this becoming a popular effect amongst magicians. 

This is an up-to-date modern version with a major feature – the TUBE-IT container being crystal clear, resulting in the effect becoming much more visual.

Effect: A borrowed bill, which is initialled or serial number remembered, vanishes from beneath a pocket handkerchief (which can be borrowed too, if wished) and reappears inside a previously shown clear transparent capsule. The capsule is split in two halves and the spectator himself can remove the bill. Opened out and checked by the spectator, this is proved to be the borrowed bill.

We supply the special capsule, made in clear plastic, along with Ian’s own instructions for the routine. And you will find other uses for this novel Crystal clear version of the classic Bill Tube. Excellent value for the price.  (₹ 50.00) ( ₹ 30.00)