Hopping Horns – Uday Jadugar

Delight kids and audiences of all ages with this captivating magic trick! The magician places four bicycle horns of different colors on the table. The audience is asked to choose a color. Amazingly, the chosen horn will either be the only one to hoot or the only one that stays silent—your choice! Want to switch … Read more

Sponge Balls to Dice

Sponge Balls to Dice is a fantastic close up magic trick. This large 4″ version is ideal for a small audience and can even be viewed from a distance or stage. The magician shows 2 round sponge balls one white and one black. He puts them in together and with a few magic words they … Read more

Coin Switch Purse

Coin Switch Purse new

This is a small coin purse, that will change one, or a couple of coins, just like the Z-Fold wallets used for changing cards. You can use it to change an examined regular coin for a shell or folding coin, or produce a vanished coin from a previously empty purse, or transform a silver coin … Read more

Steel Ball And Tube

Performer shows a steel ball and a metal tube to his spectators. As the diameter of the ball is greater than the tube, it is impossible for the ball to pass through the tube. Performer rests the ball at the edge of the tube and makes some magic passes. The ball begins to slowly sink … Read more

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Multicolor Mouth Coils # 12 – 50 Feet

These coils enable you to produce a long multicolor chain of paper from your mouth, hand, or any production prop. The streamer produced is a visually effective applause getter, which can stretch right across a small stage, or right into the middle of your audience. We supply you with a dozen of the extra long … Read more

Uday’s Novel Book Test

We have seen many book tests, and can honestly say this is one of the most comprehensive Book Tests we have ever come across, with immense effort and expense spent in its initial preparation, thus leaving you to do little more than present it in a convincing manner. The basic effect of any book test … Read more