Coloring Book – Animal (Medium & Mini)

Coloring Books are very popular with all children’s performers, and they are always asking for another one, for repeat performances. We have produced various sizes and models to supplement the dozens of others made by various dealers around the world. We have now added two more varieties to our range. These books are Medium (8.5″ x … Read more

Coloring Book – Circus (Medium & Mini)

The Magic Coloring Book effect with cartoon pictures of various circus animals and circus tricks, which makes a great item for kid shows. The special book supplied comes prepared to perform the effect. These books are available in 2 sizes, Medium (8.5″ x 5.75″ approx) and Mini (5.75″ x 3.75″ approx). Different performers have their … Read more

Sure Shot Prediction – Improved

Performer displays 3 cards with 3 different geometric designs which he removes from an envelope. A spectator freely selects any of the design cards. There is no force. The symbol selected is the one the performer has predicted. This is a very simple and direct prediction effect, with no forces, sleights or switches. A very … Read more

Nesto Multiplying Balls – Stainless Steel

Nesto Balls stainless steel

One Ball at the magician’s fingertips visibly multiplies to two, then three, and finally four. A classic effect, which you can do easily, and improve on for a life time ! Beautifully crafted from Stainless Steel (approximately 1.75″ in diameter) Currently we have only right hand model in stock.  

Cube to Ball Transformation

Cube to ball Transformation

A wonderful transformation of a Cube to a Ball.  The performer displays an attractive cover on a base and a scrambled Rubik’s cube . The cube is shown all around and then placed on the base. The cover is then paced over the cube. When the cover is lifted again,  the cube has vanished and … Read more

Nested Coin Box – Plastic

Nested Coin Box Plastic

The performer borrows a coin, which can be marked. It is covered by a handkerchief, and given to a spectator to hold.  He now removes from his pocket a plastic box, which is placed on the table, or given to another spectator to hold. The handkerchief is whipped away – the coin has vanished.  The … Read more