Auto Change Mirror Tube

Auto Change Mirror TubeThis is the classic Conradi Tube with a mirror partition for the vanish of silks, (as described 150+ years ago by Professor Hoffman in his Later Magic). In this model, we have fitted this on a mechanical pedestal that gives the required half turn at the pull of a lever. Originally designed to multiply or vanish silks, there is a lot more you can do with this tube, as detailed below.
We supply you the special mechanical tube, and a cap that fits over the mouth of the tube. The cap is used when you use items that could spill over the top of the tube.
You can use this for many applications, as detailed in our instructions.
The tube is capable of much more than producing a few handkerchiefs, and is described by Harold Rice as The Utility Tube for vanishing, producing and exchanging silks.(Silk Encyclopedia – Page 330).
It can also be used with items other than silks, and for several novel and off beat effects. 
Silk Blendos are more effective in the tube than in a Change Bag. because of the visual nature  You could also work it in reverse, pushing in a large multicolor silk, and having this “disintegrate” into several small solid color ones.
You get the mechanical tube with instructions. Tube measures 2.5″ diameter, 6.5″ High, resting on a base base 4″x4″. No silks or other accessories supplied.