Bill Tube (Gold Plated)

Bill Tube Gold Plated

We are pleased to present to the Magic fraternity this handsome prop, precision machined from Brass, engraved and plated in Gold,  which with a little care will last forever. In case you are not familiar with the Bill Tube, here is the basic effect. A Bill is borrowed, and the owner asked to make a … Read more

Spirit Nut – Jumbo

The performer shows a solid brass nut, which can be threaded on to a lace, ribbon, or even a pencil. Yet the nut can be made to penetrate off the ribbon or pencil in an instant.This is a very fine piece of mechanical magic, and we guarantee you will be delighted with the clever working … Read more

Coin Vase (Deluxe Wood)

  This is a deluxe and more advanced version of the Coin Change Pedestal that will allow you to do additional effects A borrowed coin is placed on a pedestal and covered. When the cover is lifted the coin is seen to have changed or vanished. The cover is seen to be clearly empty. You … Read more