Instant Puzzle Cube

The performer displays an attractive box and a scrambled Rubik’s cube . The cube is shown all around and then placed inside the box. The cover is then placed over the box. When the cover is lifted again,  the cube is completely solved. The box and cover can also be shown empty. In place of … Read more

Multiplying Juice Bottles # 10

An exciting twist on a classic magic trick – now made with juice bottles! Perfect for captivating a wide audience, especially kids’ shows, this updated version of the famous “Bottle and Glass” trick is not only entertaining but also “kid” friendly. Watch in amazement as the magician performs the classic “Bottle and Glass” trick, using … Read more

Three Bottle Production

Three Bottle Production

The performer shows two nesting cylinders, one red and one yellow. The red cylinder has holes in it making visible the contents inside the cylinder. Both cylinders are shown empty, then a large production of silks, spring flowers or other production items are made from the cylinders. For a climax 3 large colored bottles are … Read more

Crystal Ball Casket

Have you ever dreamed of impressing your audience with an awesome trick, yet very easy to do? Start by presenting a transparent box to your audience with a large colored ball inside. Take out the ball and vanish it. With a few magic words, the box fills instantaneously with the large colored ball again ! … Read more

Dream Bag # 6

An ordinary paper grocery bag is shown to be empty to the spectators. The magician casts his spell, and six large “bags” (clear bags with flowers inside) are produced from the empty paper bag.  The bags stand rigid, make a very attractive display and after production, it seems impossible the six bags would fit into … Read more

Dice From Bag – Large

The performer displays an empty bag. The audience can look right into this, and see it is completely empty…There is even a window on the front of the bag. Reaching into the bag he produces a large dice 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches in size Then another dice pops out of the bag, and another … Read more