Card in Finger

A safe and effective version of the “finger chopper” using playing cards. Effect : Performer displays four playing cards with a hole in the middle. One of these cards is pulled out of the packet, and the performer introduces his finger through the other three cards.  The card pulled out is now pushed back into … Read more

Finger Penetration Frame

This is an extremely clever Penetration effect, where a solid wooden plate penetrates right through the performer’s, or a spectator’s finger. This is the prop that  inspired our stage version of the item (Plate through Arm Penetration) advertised earlier. This handy model can be carried in your pocket, and is ready to use any place, … Read more

Spikes through Glass

Effect : The performer displays a clear glass piece about 4.5″ square in a slim wooden frame. This frame is now placed in another frame with doors on front and back with four holes in them. The doors are closed, and the Spikes pushed through the four holes, apparently penetrating right through the glass.  The … Read more

Locking Finger Chopper

A clever trick very popular as the spectators always expect the magic to go wrong. The blade cuts the cigarette, but passes magically through a finger . This model of the Finger Chopper has a unique locking mechanism and stands thorough examination. We have shown in to dozens of knowledgeable magicians, and they have not … Read more

Finger Disecto

This is a miniature version of the popular Disecto Arm Chopper effect. Performer shows a frame with holes, and a chopper blade, that cuts through beans, or a cigarette placed in the holes. Then he places his (or a spectator’s) finger in the hole in the middle of the frame, and passes the metal blade … Read more


The Disecto is similar to the Arm Chopper effect, in a different design frame with a pivoted blade. The blade swivels out of the frame, allowing the audience to see it is a solid blade. When pushed down, blade slices through vegetables in smaller holes on top and bottom, but leaves hand in larger center … Read more