Reception – Stainless Steel

Reception SSThe Reception apparatus is an adaptation of the classic Coffee Vase apparatus. It will allow you to produce, change or vanish items like Liquids, Silks, Ribbons, Spring Flowers Confetti, cotton wool etc.
The apparatus we supply is made of Stainless Steel.
Most Magicians use this as an opening item, which is why the nickname RECEPTION has been given to the apparatus. Water is poured in the apparatus, which is covered, then the cover removed.  Now a garland of real flowers is produced, which is dry, and used to garland the guest of honor at the show.
You can use this prop for many other effects as well – for example :
From four miniature glasses pour in four different color liquids, say red, yellow, blue and green.  Transform the liquids into 18″ or 24″ silks of the matching colors.
Place four different colored 12″ Silks into the apparatus. Transform them into a large Blendo Silk or Picture Silk  in all the different colors. You could also transform the silks to a large National Flag.
Transform colored confetti in to several bunches of Spring Flowers, or several individual Spring flowers.
Transform raw rice grains to edible puffed rice. Or transform white confetti to Pop Corn. For kid shows, transform multi color confetti to multi color candy or sweets.
This is just a small sampling of what you can do with this prop, and our instructions will give you several other ideas for its use. A versatile prop for any performer working for a varied audience. (₹ 1500.00) ( ₹ 750.00)