Appearing Cane – Super Size – Stainless Steel

A solid silver cane, between 4.5 to 5 feet long instantly appears in the performer’s hand. Or visibly transform a silk into a cane. No rusting, no oiling and cleaning, no mess, and no color fading. The deluxe prop you have always wanted is now available at a very affordable price, and you will be proud … Read more

Vanishing Cane Plastic – Black

We have a limited supply of Plastic Vanishing Canes. A large cane over three feet in length held with between the performer’s hands visibly vanishes, or transforms into a pair of silks or ribbons. These Canes are made of plastic, and do not have the same spring tension as Steel Canes, and are not suitable for transformation … Read more

Vanishing Cane – Multicolor (Rainbow)

The Vanishing Cane is a classic Magician’s prop, quick, visual and an ideal opening or closing trick. It can, also be used at any spot in your act. A solid multicolor metal Cane over 3 feet in length held out-stretched in the performer’s hand vanishes visibly and instantly. Or you could have the Cane change … Read more

Confetti Wand – With Refills

Another gimmicked Magic Wand to add an extra touch of color to your act. Use this as a regular Magic Wand in your act. When you wish, just flick the wand, and a large amount of confetti shoots out of the wand, cascading down in a flutter of colors. Repeat this again a little later … Read more