Balloon To Rabbit Box

Effect : The performer displays a box with a see through front with bars across, – the type of box one would normally use to carry a pet.
The box is seem to be clearly empty. A balloon is placed in the box which can be seen through the see through front. 
The balloon is burst with a large needle, and instantly transforms into a Bunny Rabbit.

You could use a pair of doves or other small live stock (white mice, baby chicks etc.) in lieu of the bunny or a large amount of inanimate production items like silks and flowers, sponge and rubber items etc.

This is a mechanical item, ready to use at any time. Just place your load into the load compartment, and it is ready to go. 
Item is made in durable wood and ply, painted and lacquered to make for an appealing eye catching prop.

Supplied with needle – you use your own balloon and “load”. And the box will also hold a whole lot of your other regular props in transportation !