Foreign Magic Publications

We import the worthwhile magic books published abroad, as part of our service to Indian magicians. Books available at present are listed below. Prices listed are for supply in India only. Prices are subject to change, being determined by the foreign publisher’s price, and the prevailing exchange rate.) Please note that stocks of each title … Read more


This 24 page book contains thirty effects using articles that can be carried in your pocket or are available at the dinner table. With the instructions given for presentation, the results you obtain couldn’t be better if you had a trunk full of apparatus. 

And A Pack Of Cards-Jack Merlin & Jean Hugard

The book was originally authored by Jack Merlin and revised and edited by Jean Hugard. One of the finest books ever produced for the sleight of hand artist with cards. The material in this book is not self working, but for the serious card worker it is invaluable. This 93 page book is divided into … Read more

Marconick Magic #2 – Marconick

In this 32 page, soft cover, illustrated book the prolific creator of visual magic, Marconick, has explained 21 surprising yet easy to do tricks with coins, cards, thimbles, ropes, silks, umbrellas etc. Full of practical material you will enjoy performing. Recommended value.

Okito Coin Box Routines – Mohammad Bey

If you want to perform tricks with the Okito Coin Box, you must have this book. Originally published as two manuscripts, this contains 53 pages of different types of routines with the Okito Box – Mohammad Bey’s routine, Harvey Rosenthal’s Coin Box Steal, Edward J. McLaughlin’s routine. The perfect coin penetration, and More Mohammad Bey’s … Read more