Over And Under Puzzle

A most intriguing optical illusion. Two different colored pieces shaped like boomerangs are shown. The upper boomerang is obviously shorter than the one below. Then the smaller one is stretched and shown to be longer. Finally, both are shown to be exactly the same. Made from board and beautifully laminated We regularly receive queries for … Read more

Headless Lady Illusion

This illusion works on an ingenious geometric vanish, based on the Curry Paradox. It always works, but can you figure out how ? You have a picture of a dancing girl printed in Black & White on one side of the board, and an identical picture in the same size, printed in colour on the … Read more

Repeat Square Puzzle

This is a novel puzzle.  You hand over four cut out pieces to a spectator to form into a perfect square. This is relatively easy, and the spectator will form the square with a few attempts. As an after thought you hand him another piece, – a small square. Now ask him to form a … Read more

Wand And Beads Puzzle

Two Beads are threaded on a string through a wand. The object of the puzzle is to release the beads from the wand without cutting the string or breaking the wand. Solution in the instructions included.

Classic Indian Puzzle

Can you separate the two pieces, and put them back together again? This puzzle cannot be put down and may cause frustration and irritation. However once mastered you can sit and watch others suffer with a most satisfying smile!! Made with solid plastic plates that are approximately 4.25 inches into 1.8 inches. Comes with video … Read more