Cig Cutta – Brass

This is one of the finest precision close up effects crafted in solid brass. In effect performer displays a solid brass tube large enough to hold a cigarette. The tube has a metal collar with a slit in the middle. A cigarette is placed in the tube, and a blade run in the metal collar, … Read more

Thumb Tip Blendo with Thumb Tip

Four small different colored silks pushed into the performer’s fist magically blend into a large 4 color Silk. Easy to do and comes complete with required silks and Thmb Tip. The four smaller silks are roughly 3.5″ square and the large silk is 7″ square.

Appearing Rose

A novelty rose that could be used for a number of different appearing effects. Have it appear from under an empty Handkerchief or walk onto stage and have it appear at your finger tips from thin air! Fold the rose and hide it in your hand and have it pop out automatically or have it … Read more