Auto Milko

auto-milkoThere are many varieties of magic with liquids, and Auto Milko is off beat and different.
The performer shows two clear empty glass tumblers, and a transparent plate. One empty tumbler is placed face up on the table, covered with the glass plate, and the other empty tumbler placed over this.

Milk or any other coloured liquid is now poured visibly into the tumbler on top till it is almost full.  The performer now places temporary screen (an open book or magazine) in front of the glass to hide the props for a few moments.  The screen is then blown or dropped down, and the liquid has magically transferred from the glass on top to the glass at the bottom.  The liquid can be poured from the glass at the bottom, or even given to an audience member to consume if it is a portable liquid.  An amazing penetration of liquid through the glass and plate.
Auto Milko is hundred percent automatic in working, and you have nothing to so except follow the instructions.  The ingenious mechanism is built into the transparent tumblers.
Auto Milko comes to you complete with the two glasses and plastic plate with instructions and routine.  You can use any liquid (coloured for visibility) and a magazine, book, or just a piece of board folded in half to serve as the screen.