Hopping Horns – Uday Jadugar

Delight kids and audiences of all ages with this captivating magic trick! The magician places four bicycle horns of different colors on the table. The audience is asked to choose a color. Amazingly, the chosen horn will either be the only one to hoot or the only one that stays silent—your choice! Want to switch … Read more


The performer displays a set of 8 cards picturing 8 different animals on them. A spectator is instructed to shuffle the cards, then merely think of one of the animals. The cards are mixed ny the spectator, and spread face down on the table. The performer now randomly taps the cards, as the spectator mentally … Read more

Coloring Book – Animal (Medium & Mini)

Coloring Books are very popular with all children’s performers, and they are always asking for another one, for repeat performances. We have produced various sizes and models to supplement the dozens of others made by various dealers around the world. We have now added two more varieties to our range. These books are Medium (8.5″ x … Read more

Coloring Book – Circus (Medium & Mini)

The Magic Coloring Book effect with cartoon pictures of various circus animals and circus tricks, which makes a great item for kid shows. The special book supplied comes prepared to perform the effect. These books are available in 2 sizes, Medium (8.5″ x 5.75″ approx) and Mini (5.75″ x 3.75″ approx). Different performers have their … Read more

Jumbled Numbers Streamer

The performer displays a long streamer, with the numbers 1 to 6 in a random order printed on it. It is shown freely all around. He waves it and it visibly transforms into a  streamer with all the numbers in correct order 1-2-3-4-5-6. A smart whipping action will enable you to change the streamer instantly. … Read more

Flower Pots from Bag

The performer displays an empty bag. The audience can look right into this, and see it is completely empty. Reaching into the bag he produces a large flower pot with colourful flowers. Then another flowerpot pops out of the bag, and another … a total of  4 pots in different colors. All the pots appear … Read more