Comedy Funnel (Spun Aluminum) – PC

Comedy Funnel Al SpunA classic comedy prop, where water can be made to flow out at will from an empty funnel. It has been a favorite with kid show entertainers for decades.  We now bring you this spun aluminum model (POWDER COATED) at a very economical price compared to other metal models. As the funnel is used with liquids, this makes it completely immune to rust. Just wipe it clean after use, with soft cloth or tissue, and it will retain its pristine finish. 
As a classic prop, most performers will have ideas of their own for its use.
Your presentation can be funny and wholesome or risqué and naughty according to your audience and presentation style. 
Times have changed, and it is now essential to be “politically correct”. You do not embarrass children volunteers from the audience – or their parents could sue you. Get a volunteer who will go along with you, and not mind “participating in a little fun, to entertain the audience”
One common presentation is to have an audience helper on stage, have him drink a glass of water and have the water flow out through the funnel from his mouth, ears, elbow, or where ever you wish.
Yet another very effective presentation is to have a spectator on stage and pretend to Brain wash him. Spectator is seated on a chair with two plastic tubes held by him, one to each ear.  Liquid is apparently poured into one ear (use a liquid vanishing prop like a Milk Jug, Foo Can or Wonder Glass,) and emerges through the other ear from the funnel. This sort of presentation has scope for a lot of comedy, calling up a volunteer with a “dirty mind” and “Brain washing” him.
Yet another funny scenario involves milking an Invisible Cow.  You apparently milk the cow into the funnel, with the milk turning visible as it emerges. Or blow up a latex glove, and “milk” this through the funnel.
The funnel can also be used to add a magical third dimension to a flat picture. For example draw a tap on a slate. Hold the funnel to the mouth of the tap and real water flows out. Or draw a beer or wine cask on a board, then hold funnel to the cask and have beer or wine emerge.
You will find a presentation for this prop to appeal to your specific tastes and audience – both young or adult.