Adair’s Five to One Plus

We have produced another novel and off-beat revelation of a selected card by Ian Adair, for use with any card deck, requiring no special sleights.  This is the effect in Ian’s own words : ———————————————————————- Your audience will laugh when your card prediction is finally revealed.     Visual. Self-contained. Easy to do! 5 to 1 … Read more

Adair’s Sniffy

A very novel discovery of a selected card (No Force) by Ian Adair, that can prove a “hit” with the fairer sex ! Here is the effect in Ian’s own words … Effect : I remove a deck from its case and fan it front and back. A spectator selects a card (any card) which … Read more

Adair’s Added Surprise

Ian Adair has created a novel combination of the old Pip Card that was probably part of every performer’s first magic set, and a popular gag card, to make for an entertaining routine for any audience. Here is the effect : The performer displays an envelope, stating that inside it is a card printed on … Read more

Adair’s Jack in The Box

From the fertile brain of Ian Adair, we have this knock-out variation of the “Parade of Kings” effect, where the performer “predicts” one of four cards freely selected by a spectator. However, this version, using the four Jacks is exceptionally clean and direct, even permitting you to display the prediction card freely on both sides. … Read more

Adair’s Crystal Clear Image

  A spectator selects a card from a shuffled deck. From a coloured envelope, the performer removes four jig-saw pieces and arranges these onto a table surface. He asks a spectator to assist by forming these four pieces into one complete jig-saw. This done, the completed jig-saw displays a crystal ball on a stand. He … Read more

Adair’s “A Queen Like No Other”

The Parade of Kings, (or our version titled Dream Queen) has been one of the finest and most popular 4 card packet effects ever created. Now Ian Adair has come up with another variation – A super-duper self-contained packet trick which runs as follows: A plastic pocket containing a set of four cards is shown … Read more