Command Light – New 2014 model.

This is a new model of the command light previously sold by us, with lots of improvements. The torch is now fitted with  4 long lasting LED bulbs for an extra bright beam, and thousands of hours of use. The LEDs give you much longer use of your batteries. The technology has been completely revamped … Read more


Magicians have been using the concept of the Entanglement Theory for centuries – a cause-effect demonstration that defies the norms of logic and science, – completely oblivious of the fact that it really exists. Most “Sympathy” effects are typical examples – when you and a spectator “coincidentally” turn over the same card in different decks, … Read more

Ultra Spook Light

Basically this is a pocket torch, which works in the normal way. You can give it to a spectator for examination, and he can switch it off and on like any torch. However, the torch can also be switched on and off secretly by the performer without touching it whenever he so wishes. The earliest … Read more

Lit Bulb From Mouth (New Model)

Credit for the concept of producing a string of lit electric bulbs from the mouth goes to Marvyn Roy. This is a miniature version of the Lit Bulbs from Mouth effect, using extra bright LEDs, (Light Emitting Diodes) and makes for a very effective visual magic routine. In this version the performer displays several lit … Read more

Nuway Animated Nut

A nut that visibly spins off a bolt is a popular effect in magic, with several methods for its motivation. There have been models with string and rubber bands, fancy electronics and remote control, and we have some of these on our lists.  The effect is the same – a nut visibly threads itself off … Read more