Lightning Storm Tablets #10

The Snow Storm in China is one of the most visually appealing of  magic effects. This item has an added touch of “flash”. The performer displays a piece of tissue paper, which he tears into pieces. The pieces are immersed in a glass of water and squeezed. The apparently wet wad of tissue is now … Read more

Production Cake for Chick Pan

Magician displays an empty pan . He then mimes the process of adding the finest ingredients for a delectable cake. The pan is then covered with a lid. After a  few magic words the  lid is removed revealing a magnificent cake adorned with decorations and a single, glowing candle. Unleash your creativity and experiment with … Read more

Spring Flower Ball 10″ – Plastic

These ‘Spring Flowers’ are not made from paper, but plastic, which will not tear like paper, and with normal handling care will outlast paper flowers a hundred times over. If you are a performer who regularly uses Spring Flowers, you will find these a worthwhile investment. Not only are they far more attractive, but they … Read more

Chick Pan Flower Fountain

This is an extremely colorful Flower production (Fountain). The performer displays a single flower, then magically, several different colored flowers sprout from this like a fountain. Can be used with a chick pan or produced from silks as in the video below The apparatus we supply for this is comprised  of 25 flowers in different … Read more

Eggs – Solid Wood

These are imitation wood eggs about 2.5 inches in size. The Eggs are made of solid wood and are not hollow inside and will not easily break. They have the weight, look and feel of a real egg. Use it with Egg bags, Change Bags or produce them from your mouth or thin air or … Read more