Sponge Balls to Bunny

Effect : You display 2 sponge balls, one in each hand. You brings the balls together magically turning them into a large bunny rabbit.  We supply you the special sponge prop, ready to use. It is a large size, making this visible for a large audience. The Rabbit is approximately 8″ long, 6.5″ high and … Read more

Sponge Balls to Cube

Sponge Balls to Cube is a fantastic close up magic trick. The magician shows 2 round sponge balls and makes them vanish from one hand and appear in the other. At the end, one of the round balls turns into a large cube. It leaves people scratching their heads! Complete with instructions.

Multiplying Bananas – Sponge (Pair)

multiplying bananas sponge

Start with an “empty” bag, then pull out one banana, then another, then another, etc.! At the end, you can make the bananas vanish! You can also use them as production items from Change Bags or Production Boxes or from your pocket. Just use your imagination! Available in 2 Sizes Large Pair – Life Size … Read more

Multiplying Carrots – Sponge (Pair)

  Some Magicians produce rabbits out of a hat. You can produce rabbit food instead! Produce a sponge carrot and feed it to a rabbit. Then another and another. Multiply them one after another in your hands! Perfect for creating the illusion of feeding a carrot to a bunny puppet! You can also use them … Read more

Sponge Blocks

Effect : You (the magician) hand a spectator a sponge block.  When the spectator throws it on the table, it becomes two sponge blocks in two different colors.  The process is repeated and they become three blocks in three colors.  Finally, the three blocks are placed in the spectator’s hand and become “cemented” into one … Read more