Three Bouquet Production From Silks – Synthetic

“Introducing an incredible floral display that will leave your audience mesmerized. Watch as the performer unveils a large bouquet and covers it with a yellow silk, only to reveal a stunning bouquet of yellow flowers. Then, with a wave of a white silk, a bouquet of white flowers appears before your eyes. Finally, the performer … Read more

Color Changing Plumes – Synthetic

“Witness the magic of color transformation! Watch as the performer displays six beautifully colored synthetic plumes, each a different hue and shade. With a flick of the wrist and a wave of the hand, the performer rolls up a simple sheet of paper to create a tube. One by one, each plume is passed through … Read more

Visual Color Changing Plumes – Synthetic

Introducing a new twist on an old classic, the “Color Changing Plumes.” This effect is based on a new principle and offers a visually stunning change. In this trick, a colored synthetic feather plume instantly and visibly changes to a completely different color, without the need for covers, paper tubes, or any other props. The … Read more

Visual Plume to Bouquet – Synthetic

Attention all magicians! Add a touch of magic to your next performance with this synthetic Flower Trick.” This quality trick is easy to do and will leave your audience in awe. With just a simple sweep of your hand, watch as a large, colorful plume transforms into a beautiful bouquet. Whether you’re looking for a … Read more

Flowers From Wand in Pot – Synthetic

This larger stage version of the popular trick is sure to impress and leave your audience amazed. Start by displaying an empty flower pot, then with just a simple tap of your magic wand, watch as a large bunch of beautiful flowers appear before their eyes. Made from high-quality synthetic fibers, these flowers are designed … Read more

Flower to Bouquet – Synthetic

A quick, simple but very effective magic trick. The performer displays a flower and an empty tube. He passes the flower through the tube to confirm it’s empty. He mutters a few magic words and passes the flower through the tube again. This time it changes into a large bouquet. This is model and is … Read more