Terms & Condition – International

For Buyers outside INDIA

The Price List indicates normal dealer prices, F.O.B. Calcutta. It does not include Freight, Local taxes applicable at your end, or Customs Duty applicable in your country.

We do not supply items directly to individual Magicians outside India. Our products are sold from hundreds of Dealer outlets around the world. They represent excellent value for the money. Dealers are free to fix their retail price, after accounting for freight and other expenses.

Because of formalities in exports from India, it is not viable for us to handle small value or single piece orders.  (It costs us US$ 100.00 or more to process the formalities for each export order, and we cannot absorb this cost on orders below US$ 500.00 in value)

Minimum orders should be for U.S. $ 500.00 or more.

All items must normally be ordered in multiple dealer quantities, and not single piece quantities.

We can supply “sample” orders from bona fide magic dealers in single piece quantities.  The total order value should however exceed U.S. $ 500.00.

For jobbers, redistributing products to other dealers, jobber discounts are available on orders totaling US $ 2000.00 or more.

Please contact us for a special quote, for specific bulk items and quantities.

Order Formalities, Freight etc.

Because of Exchange Control formalities in this country, we have to observe certain formalities for export consignments.

If you wish to place an order, you should send us a list of requirements only at [email protected].  We will send back a Proforma invoice indicating items available in ready stock (some items may sometimes be out of stock) and exact freight by desired mode of dispatch, if applicable.

You need to sign the Proforma invoice and return it to us with full payment ( by bank transfer directly to our Bank as per details on the Proforma) for the exact Proforma amount so we can complete our export formalities and send off your goods.

Goods are normally sent by Express courier service “Fedex, DHL”  to reach you at your door  in about 7-10 days of receipt of signed Proforma and payment.

Courier charges are pre-paid at a special contract rate by us, (approx. US$ 4-6 per Kg. – gross or volumetric weight) which is about half their normal commercial rate. The courier charges would be added to your Proforma Invoice, and must be paid in advance.


Orders over U.S. $ 5000.00 in value can also be sent by Ocean freight.  Ocean freight takes approximately six weeks in transit, and will be delivered at closest International Sea Port.

Current Ocean Freight charges vary from US$ 25.00 to US$ 125.00 per cubic meter or metric ton, depending on destination. This works out to US$ 0.50 per Kg. or less. We send the goods on F.O.B. basis, and you pay the freight at time of delivery to Shipping agents. You clear the goods from the Sea Port, and transport them to your premises at your own cost.

Thank you once again for your interest.  For any further queries please EMAIL ([email protected]) or WhatsApp on +91 8777538274