Jumbled Numbers Streamer

The performer displays a long streamer, with the numbers 1 to 6 in a random order printed on it. It is shown freely all around. He waves it and it visibly transforms into a  streamer with all the numbers in correct order 1-2-3-4-5-6.

A smart whipping action will enable you to change the streamer instantly. You could also change it by twirling the streamer, or waving it in small half circles left and right. With a little experiment, you could make the change both magical, and artistic like a circus act.

Although this is a neat piece of visual magic for any audience, it makes for an ideal effect for Nursery level kids.

The seasoned Children’s performer would introduce the streamer with the jumbled numbers, as he explained how he could never get them in the right order as a kid, miscounting the sequence on his fingers as on the jumbled streamer. Then have the children teach the performer the correct order, and finally  have the streamer put right by a little bit of magical help (shouting the right spell) from the young audience. It makes for a good routine, with scope for some effective audience participation.

We supply you the special synthetic streamer ready to work.