Multiplying Juice Bottles # 10

An exciting twist on a classic magic trick – now made with juice bottles! Perfect for captivating a wide audience, especially kids’ shows, this updated version of the famous “Bottle and Glass” trick is not only entertaining but also “kid” friendly.

Watch in amazement as the magician performs the classic “Bottle and Glass” trick, using two cylinders, one bottle, and one glass. The bottle and glass are covered with the cylinders, and magically, they switch places repeatedly. But then, something unexpected happens! More and more bottles start to appear each time a cylinder is lifted, leading to a hilarious finale with Ten solid bottles.

These cylinders and bottles, made from powder-coated metal, complete with realistic labels, are made to resemble real juice bottles.

One of the greatest comedy effects in stage magic, this set includes two cylinders, the necessary bottles, and detailed instructions.