Nuway Animated Nut

Animated NutA nut that visibly spins off a bolt is a popular effect in magic, with several methods for its motivation. There have been models with string and rubber bands, fancy electronics and remote control, and we have some of these on our lists.

 The effect is the same – a nut visibly threads itself off a bolt held in the performer’s hand. We now offer you a different model, with several advantages.

  • The nut and bolt used are absolutely ordinary. They can be examined by the audience. And you can get other similar and suitable nuts and bolts, from a hardware shop, so you can even give them away after your performance.
  • There is no string, rubber or any other attachment to the nut or bolt. 
  • There is no set-up or get ready as in some other methods. You can carry the requirements in your pocket, and perform this any place, any time, as an “impromptu” effect.
  • You do not need any special dress or long sleeves or any other special preparation.

Because the props involved use a minimum of gadgetry the cost of this is also the lowest, compared to other similar products in the market.
We supply you two nuts and bolts, the hi-tech gimmick complete with battery that makes the effect possible, and instructions for use. You would need to replace the battery when depleted, ( takes 5 seconds) and get a supply of similar nuts and bolts, if you want to give them away after performance. A small investment, for a very big impact. (₹ 1000.00) ( ₹ 500.00)