Sponge Dove

These Sponge Doves are life-size (Approx. 8″ long, 3.75″ high and 1.75″ wide ) and handcrafted from a superior quality sponge. 

These doves can be compressed in a small space, and expand instantly on production. When mixed with other real doves their use can be very rewarding, with some seemingly impossible productions or vanishes. You can show a flat Folding Top Hat, spring it open, and produce the dove from this. Or perform a startling transposition, placing the dove in a paper bag, crushing it, and having it vanish, then reproduce the same dove (apparently) from another prop, like a Dove Pan that has been shown empty.

Transform the dove into a large bouquet of Spring Flowers, or even “produce the dove from a silk.

If you work with Doves and have Adair’s Encyclopedia of Dove Magic, you will find dozens of excellent effects for this prop, and even if you don’t you will find uses for this prop as you play around with it. 

Comes Only Dove without any Silk or instruction sheet.