Auto Production Cage – Large 17″ x 12.5″ – (with Silks)

A Production Bird Cage that opens automatically (No twisting or snapping required) for the professional performer looking for an outstanding and exclusive production item in a big stage show.

The performer displays three different colored silks, which he counts from hand to hand. He reaches into them and produces a Large Bird Cage complete with bird if desired. Can also be produced from a large production box, shown empty. The cage can be produced with a live Dove or baby Pigeon, or other small bird, which has ample space in the folded cage.  There is no cruelty to the bird. The cage is not designed as a body load production item.  It can be stolen from behind an assistant’s back, or from behind a suitable cover such as the back of a draped table etc.

There are no elastics or perishable parts. The entire cage is made from stainless steel, and rust free fittings of aluminum and brass. Under normal use will last your performing life and more !

The Cage measures about 17″ in Height and 12.5″ in diameter when produced and comes complete with required silks (24″ x 24″ ) for the effect.

(₹ 5500.00) ( ₹ 1800.00)