Super Rope Gimmicks

rope gimmicksWe supply two Tarbell type gimmicks (1 set) consisting of two turned brass parts which are firmly attached together with a screw type fitting. Twist the two ends to separate the two parts. They fit into normal magicians’ rope. (Soft core Rope, with a sleeving outside.)

The Tarbell Screw-In type Rope Gimmicks are one of the best type Rope Gimmicks extant.  The small holes in the gimmick make it possible to use the additional safety of putting a thread through
the gimmick, stitching them firmly into the rope, though it is not necessary for you to tug these too hard during the performance. Many effects are possible with the gimmicks
The most popular effect is the Cut and Restored Rope trick.  You could also perform the Walking Through A Rope effect. Or perform a Repeat Cut And Restored Rope effect. We detail all these in the bonus instructions supplied with each set of Gimmicks.