Sam’s Super Ropes

First introduced over 25 years ago, and discontinued for manufacturing problems for several years, we are pleased to offer this series of rope effects created by Sam Dalal once again. The special ropes supplied will enable you to perform not one but three different and very effective rope tricks, as effective stand alone items, or … Read more

Rope Soft – White 50 Feet

Special soft plaited white cotton rope 50 feet long and 1/4 inch diameter for all your rope tricks.   If you perform rope tricks, and want the right type of rope for all your effects, we have it, custom made for you.

42 Amazing Tricks and Stunts with Rope – Book

Soft cover book 5.5” x 8.5” pocket book size, with 48 printed pages and 193 illustrations. The book contains step-by-step instructions for 42 of the best tricks you can perform with Rope, including Appearing and Vanishing Knots, Cut and Restored Rope Tricks, Flourishes and Penetrations. Stretching and Shrinking Ropes, Ring and rope routines, and much … Read more

Rope To Silk

rope to silk

The magician displays a piece of rope about 18″ in length which he claims is a piece of the “Famous Indian Rope Trick”. The rope is held at one end and the other end held up. When the top end is left the rope falls down just like a normal rope. This is repeated once … Read more