Color Changing Rope to Many Ropes

This is very different type of Colour Changing Rope effect. The performer displays a piece of white rope, and offers to change it to any colour selected by the audience. The audience is asked to call out their favourite colour. We will presume the majority of them call out red . The magician passes his hand over the rope, and it changes to a piece of red rope.

He now offers to repeat the effect, asking the audience to call out another colour. This time there is bound to be a wide variety of colours called out, – blue, yellow, green, purple … etc.

The performer seems perplexed for a moment, wondering what to do. Then he hits upon the ideal solution. Passing his hand over the rope once again, he transforms the rope into several ropes (cords) of various colours.

The trick is extremely easy to do with the special self contained apparatus supplied . All you need are a few handling trials to present this in the best possible manner.