Tear No-Tear Pad (Small/Medium/Large)

Due to popular demand we have now added 2 more sizes for this very popular mental effect.

A Large Model (8.25″ X 5.75′”) which will allow you to perform this on stage with sheets for 25 performances.

And a Medium Model (5.75 X 4.25) also containing 25 sheets suitable for both stage and close up.

The effect for both models and the small (3.5″ X 2.5′) is as follows.

A very clever prop that you can carry around in your pocket that will allow you to perform a Mind Blowing feat of mentalism. You can use it for close up or even on stage.

Contains 30 special pages which will allow you to perform a mental effect on 30 different occasions.

Magician reaches into his pocket and takes out a small note pad and tears a page from it. He talks about how powerful our thoughts (or will power) are and how it effects our day to day activities. He says, let me explain and then writes a sentence “I Can’t Do It” on that note and hands it over to the spectator to read and adopt this “negative thought” in their mind, and try to tear that piece of paper. The spectator finds themselves unable to do so.

The magician takes that note from them and on the other side of the note he again writes “I Can Do It” He gives it back again to the spectator to read and to adopt this new “positive” thought in their mind and try to tear this note again. Surprisingly this time the spectator can easily tear the note.

Once the spectator has succeeded in tearing the note, you can ask him to try once more. He will be unable to do so. The magician says “Confidence is good but Overconfidence is bad. For all such feats, you have to be a magician.” and then proceeds to tear one of the torn pieces of that same paper.