Lit Bulb From Mouth (New Model)

Lit-Bulbs-from-Mouth-01Credit for the concept of producing a string of lit electric bulbs from the mouth goes to Marvyn Roy. This is a miniature version of the Lit Bulbs from Mouth effect, using extra bright LEDs, (Light Emitting Diodes) and makes for a very effective visual magic routine.
In this version the performer displays several lit bulbs (LEDs) on a display stand. These are removed, and dropped into a cup, along with a piece of flexible wire, and everything is “swallowed”, the cup being shown empty.
Finally the length of wire is pulled out from the mouth, with the lit bulbs threaded on it, – a sure fire applause getter climax. With this new model we have eliminated the polarity aspect of the LEDs, using plugs and sockets for them, so you can pull the out or plug them back instantly, and the polarity will always be correct. 
The apparatus supplied is complete with the stand, cup, all the bulbs and batteries – just a few handling trials and you can put this into your act. (₹ 1500.00) ( ₹ 750.00)