Clear Card Change Box

Clear-Card-BoxThere are many types of Card Change Boxes, and this one is clean, different, and very convincing. 
It appears as an ordinary black box with a crystal clear sliding lid, so that the contents are visible at all times from the top. However you can use it to change Playing Cards, Visiting Cards, Photographs, Currency Bills, paper slips etc.
You can use this for dozens of effects, – the following are a just a few effective routines you can perform with this, and our detailed instructions give you several more !.
* Spectator places three cards, face unseen into the box, as you turn your head away. Box is then covered with a hanky. You use your “X-ray vision” to reveal the three cards.  Or have him place a currency bill, and divine the last few digits of its serial number.
* You attempt to find a previously selected card, but find the wrong card. This is then placed in the box, and magically changes to a duplicate of the selected card. Or place a blank “thought photo sensitive” card in box, and have image of selected card appear on this.
* Use the box as a spirit dark room. A picture of a wizard is placed in the box. When it emerges, a picture of a selection (number, word, design etc.) is superimposed on the picture. 
You could also use a picture of a crystal ball, magic mirror, or anything similar.
* Use the box as a spirit box for a magic coloring effect. For example, place a black and white picture face down in the box. Close the box, then as an after thought, open it again, and place a few colored crayons over the picture. Finally open the box again to show picture has been colored. 
*. Introduce box, with a face down photo, stating it is your prediction of a popular singer, or movie star etc. that a spectator will select. Have a selection made (say Michael Jackson), and open box, and remove picture to reveal a baby picture, (MJ when 6 months old !) This gets a laugh. Replace in box, and have it change to a more recognizable picture (MJ as he appears today !)
Even if you don’t do Card Tricks (which magician doesn’t ?), you will find this a very useful prop, for a variety of Mental or novel close up effects.