Stitch-O-01This is an excellent close-up penetration effect. The simple props used for the trick can be freely shown before and after the performance, which greatly enhances the mystery. This is a miniature version of a popular ribbon penetration effect.
Effect: The performer shows a transparent plastic strip having a row of holes. He also shows an opaque plastic holder for the transparent plastic strip, the holder also having a row of holes. Performer places the transparent strip into the opaque holder and the holes in both are matched up. Next, using a needle he threads a length of string through the matching holes in both the transparent plastic strip and the opaque plastic holder, thus imprisoning both on the string. Yet, under these impossible conditions, the transparent plastic strip penetrates the string and comes free of it, leaving the opaque holder threaded with the string. And every thing can be immediately handed over for examination.
An item you can carry in your pocket and perform any place, any time. Supplied complete with all the apparatus including needle and thread and full instructions.
(Note : the playing card in the picture is only to give you an idea of the size of the prop, and not part of the props required or supplied!)

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