Impossible Pip Transposition

Imp PIP TranspoPerformer displays two jumbo cards, the Ace of Clubs and the Ace of Diamonds. These are placed in two separate envelopes with cut outs so the center pips are clearly visible.

The performer then introduces two indicator cards, One with a Club and the other with a Diamond on it. He places the indicator card with the club into the envelope containing the Ace of Diamonds and the indicator Card with the Diamond into the envelope containing The Ace of Clubs.

The Envelopes are then mixed. The performers chants a few magic words and the envelopes are opened to reveal that the indicator cards have magically traveled from one envelope to the other. The club card is now with the Ace of Clubs and The Diamond card with The Ace of Diamonds.

Mechanical in working. Comes Complete with apparatus and instructions enclosed.
NOTE – this is one of a series of Jumbo Card Tricks we have obtained a very limited stock of at a bargain price. Available while they last. Please order early if interested.

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