Coin Switch Purse

Coin Switch Purse newThis is a small coin purse, that will change one, or a couple of coins, just like the Z-Fold wallets used for changing cards.
You can use it to change an examined regular coin for a shell or folding coin, or produce a vanished coin from a previously empty purse, or transform a silver coin to  a copper one in a transposition effect, or even vanish a coin which is later reproduced from some prop, or  plucked out from thin air.
Besides their use with coins, you could also use these for other small objects, like tokens and counters, or even paper slips folded to go into the purse. A change device you can carry in your pocket for small objects, that appears more “natural” than custom conjuror’s props like Change Boxes and Bags..
Crafted from genuine leather with silk lining, these coin purses measure only 2.50 x 2.25 inches in size, and will make a valuable addition to your bag of utility props.