Utility Change Bag

We have half a dozen models of Change Bags in our range, and would not introduce yet another model, unless it had a specific application and advantage. The Utility Change Bag is a different concept in Change Bags.  It does everything an ordinary Change Bag would do, – it produces,
vanishes or exchanges Silks, Ropes, Ribbons, Paper and similar items.

The Utility Change Bag we supply looks like a lady’s hand bag. It has a zip opening on the side of the bag.  Open the zip and place for example a white silk into it.  Close the zip, make your magic  pass, then open the zip and hand over the bag to a spectator. The spectator can himself remove the silk from the bag, which could be changed to Red.  The special features being that unlike other Change Bags, there is no flap and nothing for the spectator to find.

The Utility Change Bag is a logical prop to carry Silks or Ribbons or Rope in, and perform your effect using the same “carry bag”.  It is not suitable for performing with hard or bulky items like eggs and playing card decks and baby chickens, for which purpose a standard handle on Change Bag is more suitable. The Utility Change Bag is an excellent prop for magicians wanting to perform a Blendo, or vanish or produce a few Silks, or perform a good and restored or Linking Ribbon Ring Routine,  in an environment where they can let the audience freely handle the bag.
It is specially appropriate for use with silks, which is just the type of thing one would expect in a lady’s bag.  However, it can be used equally effectively with any soft items like ribbons, ropes, paper slips, sponge balls etc.

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